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Love is not a commodity, not a happening that you ‘earn’.  It is an experience of life in the moment which already includes Love.  Relax open to That….Love is Here.


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This month’s Satsang Invitation is all about celebrating ‘you’ being in existence.

Canela’s 50th birthday is about to happen and so it naturally gives rise to look at birthdays and what might be enjoyed and celebrated about that.

A birthday is an opportunity to celebrate being in existence…when you celebrate this for yourself you actually celebrate it for all. Any birthday is a great excuse to relish what is happening in each moment – a birthday points to the fact that you were born into this play, this dance of details we call life. (Anyone’s birthday will do, no need to wait for your own, the moment Now beckons!)

From the first moments, along rolled all of the moments leading up to Now…supporting the energy system of ‘you’ to emerge as it has…exactly like this – no more, no less than That…right here as you are.

The invitation here now is to soften with this one that you are, to recognize that this that is happening, this person in appearance, came into being just like every other human being, from birth. The body was formed within the womb until it was ready to emerge into its own realm – this life.

We speak of birth and point to the day, to the time, to the place as when the body leaves the mother. Were you here before that? Yes, but it is more vague as to the ‘when’ of that, it is not so clear a point to be able to point to it and say this then is the moment. A birthday does give a pointing place – not exactly to the moment as the celebration of a birthday often begins prior to the actual day and often lasts beyond that as well as a ‘day’ is quite a number of moments to point to!

Thankfully we have this one right now, this moment, that can be a celebration of this ‘you’ that is allowing the information from your screen to come in, to be received in this moment….however you are as you read this, to celebrate that you can read this, that reading is happening, that seeing is happening, that deciphering is happening, that understanding is happening, breathing is happening, digestion is happening, felt sense of body, of energy is happening, Awareness is happening. You as Awareness turn around and acknowledge that which is happening, this amazing miracle of being alive – of Being a spilling of Awareness in these moments exactly as they are, like this, as this apparent ‘you’ that you are. Wow! What a celebration, what a play of details…happy birthday to you now!!

Come and Be With us in Satsang in the celebration of being alive. Be With us in person, or energetically from where you are in celebrating this that is…you are welcome!

Here’s the details Celebrating You on Sept. 15: https://www.facebook.com/events/1406565496233826/
Check out the website for events after that: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule or here to hear what Satsang is like: http://www.canelamichelle.com/letters-feedback

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This week’s invitation is to dive into the energy of ‘unhappiness’, saying ‘yes’ to it and watch it transform.

Yes, this is odd isn’t it, to support you to feel an energy that everyone is attempting to avoid, to side track themselves away from. This invitation is one that makes practical use of this energy and the side effect can be, that this energy will transform so it is no longer stagnant in your energy system…attracting outside details to keep it just as it is.

As long as you can say that you feel ‘unhappy’ about any happening in your life, there is an energy that can be played with.

Sit in a comfortable position, breathe deeply, feel the chair support you, allow the body to relax open to the support that the chair is giving in the moment. Allow the mind to call on scenarios at play in your life that you know that you are unhappy about. If there isn’t any part of your life that you can diagnose yourself as ‘unhappy’ about, then this exploration is not appropriate for you.

Say, for instance, there is a wee bit of unhappiness about your financial situation, or perhaps regarding a relating with another that you are involved in.

Purposefully let the images and thoughts regarding the scenario rise and see where the thoughts, or ideas effect the body or energy. Where is the ‘unhappiness’ energy residing? Once found, simply sit with the energy. Relaxing the body open, letting awareness rest with the energy, let the energy just be itself and reveal the felt sense, or perhaps it is visual for you…let it reveal itself.

If the energy of ‘unhappiness’ resides inside ignored or denied, it will manifest scenarios that keep it there – as has been happening.

What this exercise does is no longer deny the energy, when you allow yourself to feel it, letting awareness simply rest with it, it will shift itself.

Once again, this is an exercise to explore, you are invited!

Come and be with us in Satsang with Canela where we will be exploring such energies, allowing them to unfold themselves to us, supporting freedom.

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This week’s invitation is to expand on the energy of ‘Trust’.

Trust already exists with you in many ways when one stops to take a look at it. Check it out if there is an ongoing trust in you in the day that there will be enough air to breath, that the blood will keep pumping through your veins, that the breathing will continue to happen without you doing anything at all. Most people go to bed at night trusting that they will wake up the next morning and start a new day.

This is not to say that sometimes these happenings that are trusted in stop…sometimes they do stop happening for a variety of reasons.

What is being pointed to here, is the trust that is happening, to notice that, to notice the openness of the felt sense of trust and to consider allowing this for all of the happenings in your life. That there is enough love – just like the air that you breathe – to see if you can relax open about that. That whatever it is that you are inviting into your life now, that there is more than enough and it is already coming your way…to feel a trust in that. In the relaxed openness, that which is being invited has much more of a likelihood of appearing compared to what the opposite of trust does energetically.

When worry is happening, it sort of snarls up the energy, pinpoints it exactly on what you don’t want to happen, spends the energy of anxiety or stress on whatever it is that you are focussed on. With that all going on, there is simply little space for what you would like to occur to happen.

Another happening to look at that can strengthen trust in yourself is to look at your own life. To sit down and see all of the tough times that you have made it through, that even though the details at the time may have looked impossible to be with, somehow you were with them, you made it through those times to where you are now. Perhaps this will support you to trust yourself a bit more, to relax open to yourSelf and allow the energy of trust to expand and be with you even more tangibly, more fully.

When trust is more alive and in play with you, it is that much more easy to let go of the happenings of the world when the moment comes. To unplug yourself from the way things appear to be, relaxing open to be with reality: the truth of what is.

Come and join with us in Satsang with Canela where we can explore this topic to support this relaxing open to be with who you are, just as you are…nothing more, nothing less than That.

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