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Love is not a commodity, not a happening that you ‘earn’.  It is an experience of life in the moment which already includes Love.  Relax open to That….Love is Here.


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The Question:

“Since years (for most of those) some heavy emotions – such as anger, sadness, depression, anxiety,…- linked in relation with members of my family, are dwelling in me, creating in me a very obscure view of reality. Trying to take care of those and get free from them, I tried many things. Just to name a few, denying them, distracting myself or using positive thinking or suggestion only leaves me with the feeling of betraying myself or putting some stuff over “what’s there”, just pushing it further in me. Rationalizing or opening to the view of the others has helped a bit in broadening my view, but still, these emotions are staying there in my field, living through my thoughts, words or acts. Talking to the persons concerned, as tried, left me with the feeling that in most cases, this is something impossible and I then need to take care of it alone on my side.

I’d so much like to let go of these, “knowing” at some level that this is just scenarios, just the dream I built, and that my soul would have chosen these parents and family as the best soil for me to learn what I need to learn. Still, once again, “knowing” this doesn’t make these energies disappear and that’s some big things in which I feel stuck, without knowing how to manage them.
What I really want is to see the Truth through them (once again, I see enlightenment as the only real cure to this!). So these last days, I stayed alone, making my best to face this and feel them in my body. I know they are in my field, but I couldn’t locate (feel) them in my body. Just some scenarios often coming back on spinning in my head and that’s it, while I was, as usually, going back to the sensations in my body. Then, how can I manage those (to let them go, if that is what has to be)?”
S.C., Montreal, Quebec Canada

The Response:

Dear S.C.,
Thank you for your question.
Firstly, I feel to applaud your willingness to ‘hear’ what is really going on with all of this as well as your explorations up until now!  And, as you can see, Love will not desert you until the Truth of what is being invited is known or met – Love is with you in your curiosity and pursuit of the Truth of what this is all about.  So beautiful….

I like and agree with what you point to:  that your parents and family are the best soil for you to learn what you need to learn….why else would Consciousness arrange you to be born into this particular family with these particular parents?

Life is so beautifully and intrecately woven – a fabric made of one moment leading into the next with the weaver being Love itself.

All of what is occurring has its place in the Universe, in each moment, if it is Here.  The way we can know this is that it exists – obviously it has its place as it could not show up if not – it actually takes up the space (its part of the absolute) in the moment of its appearance as itself.  Yes, even Self that shows up as anger, sadness, depression and anxiety…they are equally part of the fabric of the moment if they show up, if they appear.

Love is calling, getting our attention if anger shows up…something matters to you if anger shows up.  (I will just use ‘anger’ as the example to respond for now).

Often what happens when the energy of ‘anger’ shows up, is our focus goes to the details of whatever gave rise to the anger, rather than allowing the focus to be curious about the energy of anger itself.

You share that you have felt the sensations as they rise, yet I am guessing that you have not done so with complete surrender yet.  This means that there can be no goal to feeling the sensations/energies – as if you will ‘get rid’ of them by feeling them.

Any little bit of an attempt to ‘get rid’ of any bit of what appears in the moment will keep it here as that push away (the attempt to get rid of it) is the exact energy that it will push back and continue to be here…with the side effect being the spinning thoughts about the scenarios.

Love will not desert you, it will not let go or disappear until you receive the Love of That.

This is very literal, in this case:  Love expressing itSelf as anger because something matters to your heart.  Anger would not show up otherwise.  It is handy to know this so you can look to see what it is that is ‘mattering’ to you in the moment that anger rises.

To do this, you do not need to actually be with your family members that happen to trigger anger alive in you, you can simply remember any time that this has occurred in what looks like ‘the past’ and the anger will show up.  You can consciously call on it to become present by using the mind to remember what happened in the apparent past when anger rose.  The details will appear freshly in the moment that you call them alive…that you invite them into the moment by thinking of them.  In this way we can make use of the mind.

Then (breathing deeply throughout) look to see what matters about the scenario to you, look to your heart for this.  This may come in layers, keep going until you feel totally satisfied that you have found out what matters to you about these details, then open to that – open to your own heart and feel the energy, perhaps pain or hurt, that might be there around these details.  Lay yourSelf down With these energies, give up attempting to change or get rid of them and instead feel them, exactly as they are – surrender to That (the expression of the energy might be anywhere in what appears as the body, not necessarily just the heart area).

You will only know if the surrender is complete, by bringing up the original scenario that enticed anger alive and see what happens.  If more anger, then follow that where it will lead you inside of yourself, keep with this process until Love is exposed… the energy will transform itself.

In this way you will find out, as a side effect, what Love has been attempting to share with you – the gift of the moment.

Thank you S.C. for asking this question, both for yourself and I imagine that many people who receive this Satsang Invitation will resonate with this.

With Love,

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This week’s invitation is to dive into the energy of ‘unhappiness’, saying ‘yes’ to it and watch it transform.

Yes, this is odd isn’t it, to support you to feel an energy that everyone is attempting to avoid, to side track themselves away from. This invitation is one that makes practical use of this energy and the side effect can be, that this energy will transform so it is no longer stagnant in your energy system…attracting outside details to keep it just as it is.

As long as you can say that you feel ‘unhappy’ about any happening in your life, there is an energy that can be played with.

Sit in a comfortable position, breathe deeply, feel the chair support you, allow the body to relax open to the support that the chair is giving in the moment. Allow the mind to call on scenarios at play in your life that you know that you are unhappy about. If there isn’t any part of your life that you can diagnose yourself as ‘unhappy’ about, then this exploration is not appropriate for you.

Say, for instance, there is a wee bit of unhappiness about your financial situation, or perhaps regarding a relating with another that you are involved in.

Purposefully let the images and thoughts regarding the scenario rise and see where the thoughts, or ideas effect the body or energy. Where is the ‘unhappiness’ energy residing? Once found, simply sit with the energy. Relaxing the body open, letting awareness rest with the energy, let the energy just be itself and reveal the felt sense, or perhaps it is visual for you…let it reveal itself.

If the energy of ‘unhappiness’ resides inside ignored or denied, it will manifest scenarios that keep it there – as has been happening.

What this exercise does is no longer deny the energy, when you allow yourself to feel it, letting awareness simply rest with it, it will shift itself.

Once again, this is an exercise to explore, you are invited!

Come and be with us in Satsang with Canela where we will be exploring such energies, allowing them to unfold themselves to us, supporting freedom.

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