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Being Here in Prague feels fresh and new even though i have been here before – such a magical city which happens to smell of flower blossoms now – lovely spring happening!IMG_20131107_030321


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Depression is a happening that many people would love to see an end to when they experience it.  In this invitation, healing depression is really an invitation to meet what is happening in the moments that you are aware of that happening.

A very tricky part of dealing with depression is that it has become a ‘something’ to get rid of to fix, rather than a way that a person might feel in a moment.  Seeing this as a ‘something’ tends to make it much bigger than it actually is in any moment – makes it look like it is happening in more than a moment, and then that gets magnified and confirmed into more of a ‘something’ to get rid of and people react to it.

The reaction is usually an attempt to get away from feeling depressed; looking for something to divert oneself from what is actually occurring, to distract yourself or override it by doing something. Sometimes this can alleviate the feeling for awhile, as you divert yourself away from what you are feeling.  However, this does not address the energy itself and so it will show up again and again and may even intensify.  This is often seen as people get more and more depressed as they medicate themselves to not feel it or attempt to ‘be happy’ and do uplifting things to get rid of feeling depressed, and nothing ‘works’, of course, because the person is attempting to get away from themselves.

Depression is a happening that has occurred in my own life.  After attempting suicide when I was 15 and finding out from that attempt that I did, in fact, want to live, whenever I felt depressed after that, the idea of getting rid of myself to stop the feeling just wasn’t an option for me. If such thoughts would present themselves to me, I couldn’t take them seriously so I decided to find another way to respond when depression showed up.

When you can diagnose yourself and say:  ‘I feel depressed’, instead of looking for some way to get away from feeling that way,
1.  stop, sit down and close your eyes.
2.  breathe deeply for a few breaths.
3.  look inside of yourself to see where energy is held down – for where you feel ‘depressed’ – there will be some area of you where you can feel energy being pressed down, being de-pressed in actuality.
4.  continue to breathe, relax your body open and feel the energy that is being depressed, just feel it, do not attempt to change it.  Relax open and Be With this happening and see what happens.

This number 4 step can feel enormous.  You can support yourself to feel what is happening by remembering that this energy is already ‘in’ you, it is not being created by the space you are giving it, it is already there. This means that you are already ‘able’ to be with this – even if it feels like it will engulf you, you are already with it so go for it.  It has been held for you, like in a parcel, or gift, just waiting to be opened….this is the opening to the present, to that gift.  Trust yourself to feel what this is that is already with you.

I have worked with many many people over a 20 year span  who have experienced depression.  People who are very aware of themselves energetically, and those who haven’t been even looking at:  “How do I actually feel right now?” or looking at life as anything more than the mundane happenings.  No matter how subtly or not subtly they know how to be with themSelves, they are  always are able to find where energy feels depressed inside if they have said:  ‘I feel depressed’.  This is 100% of the people who I have coached to look to see and feel the energy that is being depressed in the moment, they find the energy.  You can too.

‘You’ are waiting for ‘you’ in the form of these energies that are being pressed down inside.  Welcome to more of yourSelf, receiving the gift of the moment.


‘You’ are waiting for ‘you’ in the form of these energies that are being pressed down inside.  Welcome to more of yourSelf, receiving the gift of the moment.

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Love is not a commodity, not a happening that you ‘earn’.  It is an experience of life in the moment which already includes Love.  Relax open to That….Love is Here.

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This was written in response to a question a person asked via email:  What do you mean by ‘Unfolding to yourSelf”?
Unfolding to yourSelf.
Awareness is always expanding and exposing itSelf to itSelf… Consciousness is revealing itSelf to itSelf in each moment.  That is the happening called life.  So as you expand, more of you will be revealed – expansion is happening with all that is at play here in each moment, it is not something that you ‘do’ AND you can go along with it… I call this the unfolding of yourself to yourself.  You, as Awareness, expand (unfold so to speak) revealing more of what is – both as a person inclusive of all held energies (gifts that you get to receive consciously as they release), as well as the energetics of what appears here as a ‘you’.
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Non-duality Radio #5237 – Interview with Canela Michelle Meyers.

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This month’s Satsang Invitation is to look at ‘Blaming Love’. This topic has been chosen as Burma Cassidy (included with permission) responded to last month’s Satsang Invitation with:

“The concept that ‘Love’ is intentional doing something feels a bit off centre to me and misleading. Why do you even have to say this? “Oh I feel yucky, it’s just ‘Love’ showing me I need to go inside”. Could this again be another form of blame?”

Yes Love is indeed intentional – this is the expansion of What Is. Love is continually attempting to invite harmony – inviting us in each moment to That. When harmony is found, expansion happens – over and over again.

The invitation of this email is to ‘blame love’. When a person does, they will find that there is nothing to be angry about as how can one be angry with love itself?

If ‘yucky’ is happening, then yes, love is inviting to feel the ‘yucky’ – not to attempt to get away from it or change it. Love is inviting us to open to That. If all is perceived as love, then it is simply easer to open to whatever is happening.

This is my direct finding in each moment, being committed to love itself – lead by That. Love is what is heard, seen, felt in each and every moment. Love is All That Is.

Recognition of the nothingness, that there is no-body, yes… and still the manifestation of a person continues to play itself out in each moment. This is true. How best to be with this play of Self? By recognizing that it is Love at play and to go with it all. I have found this to be the easiest and most loving way to experience life.

Yes, please do blame love – love is attempting to get our attention solely to invite each one more deeply and more deeply and more deeply into Love…fall in Love with That…Love calls us in each moment.


1. The Satsang events in Mexico City were deep and delicious – many amazing people sharing their beauty of Being. Much gratitude to Marco, Ana and Shanti for sharing their home and hosting Satsang there!

2. Thank you to Lisa Versace and her friend Laura for hosting Satsang here in Manzanillo and to Mary Versace for connecting Lisa with Canela.

3. Check out the website for the dates, times, and information for Transformational Satsang with Canela in North Vancouver, Prague, Brighton, and Calgary. Also you can find out about the post Paradoxica Nondual Conference event – Satsang co-facilitated with Canela and Gary Tzu in Lethbridge, Alberta. http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule

4. Canela’s next article is just being edited now for The Paradoxica Journal of Nondual Psychology. Register for this year’s Conference, which now includes (along with Canela) Isaac Shapiro & Meike Schuett, Pamela Wilson, Gary Tzu, Tom Crockett, Shayla Wright, Aha, and Trent Leighton.
Go here for info and to register for the Conference and/or Satsang: http://www.paradoxica.ca or

5. Individual Satsang, and Couple Satsang sessions by phone or Skype (Canela calls you if by phone) are available. Contact Canela to book a session or for any questions about this Newsletter & Satsang Invitation at this email address: canelamichelle@gmail.com Check out the feedback from others who have tasted this flavor of support here (updated often): http://www.canelamichelle.com/letters-feedback

Sent to you with Love from Manzanillo

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Welcome to all of the new subscribers, your feedback and responses are welcome! EveryOne’s feedback is welcome… :o)

This month’s Satsang Invitation is to look at and play with Relaxing Open in each moment.

At first glance this might not seem like there is much to say about that…yet what is being invited here is to relax open even when the details at play might be when you habitually close down and avoid feeling what is happening.

This is very simple yet not always easy in the actual happenings. Understanding what is happening energetically might be a support in allowing yourself to explore opening yourself, instead of closing yourself, in any moment that you care to play with this.

Usually, people contract and pull away from pain…which is important when you just stepped into a fire, to pull the body away…it is the contraction of the rest of your body that the relaxing open is being invited. In other moments, the pain might seem to come from people outside of yourself.

The part to remember is that if you are cognizant of wanting to move away from someone, or some happening, the energy is already ‘in’ you….cognition happens after the receiving of energy.

So the attempt to close, or say ‘no’ to whatever it is that is happening, is actually too late. This closure often captures the exact energy that you are attempting to close to…the closure holds it inside.

This is ok, as once you know of this, then you can open to all sorts of energetic gifts (of presence) that are just waiting to be embraced. If the energy is just left inside of you, held, then it will attract that which is like itself to you – so whatever it is that you didn’t like and closed to, keeps happening again and again.

Now, as you hear this, take a look at your own experience. Do you see incidents that keep repeating in your life that you don’t like? In the deepest reality, this is Love inviting you to open to yourself and allow the energy to move freely, to become a part of all that is in free movement – rather than being held away, stationary. It is these bundles or packages of stagnant energy that is held that becomes dis-ease, or bursts out of control when it is triggered alive by energies that are similar in what appears outside of the system.

When you give yourself space to open to the energies when you choose, this gives the energy space to unfold and reveal itSelf as the Love that it is… simply by feeling it. Held tight, it will remain painful and keep attracting the similar energy until you do open to it.

Relaxing open, no matter what is happening, will not hurt you. This includes what appears as any kind of pain: physical; emotional; or mental. Even if you have stepped into a fire, breathing and relaxing open while you pull your foot out the fire will allow the heat to move through your system. Same as if a rock falls on your foot, the healing will be much more rapid if you relax open and feel the pain in the moment rather than staying contracted – which would be saying ‘no’ to what has happened..attempting to move away from pain that is already with you.

Relaxing open while saying ‘no’ when that is what is appropriate will also be a support. An example of this might be by moving away from someone who might be physically threatening you, yet allowing the body (the system of body and energy) to relax open in those same moments.

This is not to say: ‘don’t contract’….that is impossible. The invitation is, when you are aware that you have contracted, breathe deeply and relax open to whatever is happening.

As per usual, this Satsang Invitation is for exploration, to actually play with what is being invited here: to open yourself in moments that you notice you have contracted…and see what happens. And, as per usual, this has been explored in thousands of ways (with this Self and others) and shown itself to be the most loving response to any happening. Your own direct experience will show you so much more than these words can say.

Relaxing open in each moment will show you that Love is at the root of all happenings, no matter what they look like at first glance.

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1. Such a pleasure is present with sharing that ‘Right Here, Right Now Meditations’ (Canela’s first book) is now being translated into Spanish! The book is finding its way out and about in new ways.

2. Thank you to: Nancy for hosting the Sept. 15th Satsang gathering in North Vancouver; and Kevin (with the support of Teza) for hosting the Oct. 13th Satsang gathering in White Rock/Surrey!

3. The gallery on the website has been updated with pictures from Mexico City and Manzanillo…you can check them out here: http://www.canelamichelle.com/galleries

4. The Satsang with Isaac Shapiro in Vancouver on Oct. 4th and 5th was many moments of very beautiful experiencing for many people. Big thanks to dear Isaac for landing himSelf Here With us and Thank you all for coming to his Meetings in Truth!!

5. The Satsang Retreat Weekend on Oct. 18th-20th in Sooke on Vancouver Island is filling up and there is still room if you feel drawn to join with us. This will be a weekend of Satsang, Kirtan, and Authentic Movement with Vegan snacks and Saturday evening dinner….in other words, a whole lot of fun whilst allowing Love to embrace us fully, consciously. Hosted by Lulu & Paisely (PaLu) at the Wild@Heart Temple Home of PaLu.
Check it out and register here on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/520639741337269/
or here on the website: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule

6. Contrary to what it looked like previously, the Oct. 13th Satsang with Canela gathering is not the last gathering to happen in the Vancouver area (before she leaves for Manzanillo) – Karma/Dharma Teachers has requested one more event on Nov. 23rd from 1pm-6pm. The information and to register for that on facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/526776524075309/ and the info is here if you are not on facebook: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule
and check out Karma/Dharma Teachers here for Free or by donation Yoga and other events: http://www.karmateachers.com

7. Satsang with Canela in England is set for Friday in Hove and Saturday & Sunday in Brighton – Nov.1st-3rd. This will be a retreat weekend, deepening in That, inclusive of energetic exercises supporting Freedom on all levels. Yes, all info for that is on the website: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule
Also you can register for that here on Non-duality London: http://www.meetup.com/London-Advaita/
and here on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/206362926203445/

8. Information on Satsang with Canela in Prague, Czech Republic November 7th-10th is posted here (translate to English by using Google Chrome): http://www.maitrea.cz/canela-michelle-meyers and also on Canela’s website here: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule Individual sessions are Nov. 11th-13th.

9. The Satsang with Canela happenings in Mexico City have changed dates!! The new dates are: Dec. 12-15th with individual sessions Dec. 16th & 17th. These are very dynamic Satsang Intensives, come and Be With us in That. The info for this event is here: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule

10. The Paradoxica Journal of Nondual Psychology & Conference, now also includes Isaac Shapiro & Meike Schuett and also Pamela Wilson. This was Canela’s first self appointed ‘task to tend to’ as a director to invite them and they have agreed to come and speak, along with Canela, in June 2014.
Go here for info and to register: http://www.paradoxica.ca
And of course here on the website: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule

11. Individual Satsang, and Couple Satsang sessions by phone or Skype (Canela calls you if by phone) are available. Contact Canela to book a session or for any questions about this Newsletter & Satsang Invitation at this email address: canelamichelle@gmail.com Check out the feedback from others who have tasted this flavor of support here: http://www.canelamichelle.com/letters-feedback (new feedback has been added).

Sent to you with Love from Here

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