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Love is not a commodity, not a happening that you ‘earn’. ┬áIt is an experience of life in the moment which already includes Love. ┬áRelax open to That….Love is Here.


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This month’s Satsang Invitation is all about celebrating ‘you’ being in existence.

Canela’s 50th birthday is about to happen and so it naturally gives rise to look at birthdays and what might be enjoyed and celebrated about that.

A birthday is an opportunity to celebrate being in existence…when you celebrate this for yourself you actually celebrate it for all. Any birthday is a great excuse to relish what is happening in each moment – a birthday points to the fact that you were born into this play, this dance of details we call life. (Anyone’s birthday will do, no need to wait for your own, the moment Now beckons!)

From the first moments, along rolled all of the moments leading up to Now…supporting the energy system of ‘you’ to emerge as it has…exactly like this – no more, no less than That…right here as you are.

The invitation here now is to soften with this one that you are, to recognize that this that is happening, this person in appearance, came into being just like every other human being, from birth. The body was formed within the womb until it was ready to emerge into its own realm – this life.

We speak of birth and point to the day, to the time, to the place as when the body leaves the mother. Were you here before that? Yes, but it is more vague as to the ‘when’ of that, it is not so clear a point to be able to point to it and say this then is the moment. A birthday does give a pointing place – not exactly to the moment as the celebration of a birthday often begins prior to the actual day and often lasts beyond that as well as a ‘day’ is quite a number of moments to point to!

Thankfully we have this one right now, this moment, that can be a celebration of this ‘you’ that is allowing the information from your screen to come in, to be received in this moment….however you are as you read this, to celebrate that you can read this, that reading is happening, that seeing is happening, that deciphering is happening, that understanding is happening, breathing is happening, digestion is happening, felt sense of body, of energy is happening, Awareness is happening. You as Awareness turn around and acknowledge that which is happening, this amazing miracle of being alive – of Being a spilling of Awareness in these moments exactly as they are, like this, as this apparent ‘you’ that you are. Wow! What a celebration, what a play of details…happy birthday to you now!!

Come and Be With us in Satsang in the celebration of being alive. Be With us in person, or energetically from where you are in celebrating this that is…you are welcome!

Here’s the details Celebrating You on Sept. 15: https://www.facebook.com/events/1406565496233826/
Check out the website for events after that: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule or here to hear what Satsang is like: http://www.canelamichelle.com/letters-feedback

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This week’s invitation is in alignment with the 26,000 year shift and the Gregorian calendar New Year.- 2013.

The topic to play with is this commitment that you have given yourself to Be – to make this consciously.

Since you are here in body as a person, you have already given the commitment to Be here because here you are!
The invitation is to live as much of this life that you have been given as you dare. To commit to living rather than choosing what appears as ‘safe’.

Each human being is born with their own unique attributes and talents that they can either choose to explore and hone or follow the status-quo which says to get a job to make money to pay your bills. The status-quo focus would be on how to make money, how to spend money and how to keep money.

You are invited now to soft focus (no ‘work’ in this) on what you yourself bring to life, What are the attributes and talents of this ‘you’ that appears here? Q. How do you know what your talents are if you have not (apparently) found them yet? A. By what your heart wants. By what your unique interests are. Your interests in conjunction with your heart will show you.

Many people will poo poo that you could possibly live and provide for yourself if you spent your moments with what brings you pleasure in your heart. Those last three words are important ‘in your heart’ as your heart will not lead you astray. This is the part of yourself to trust – what does your heart say or feel about any apparent choice that arises? To listen to That and respond accordingly.

What most humans do is listen to their thinking on a subject not inclusive of the heart. What is being invited here is not to exclude the thinking, or the mind, the invitation is to listen to the heart as the leader, then allow the mind, or thinking, to support That.

In this way, no matter what it is that is being looked at, when you take action as a response to listening to your own heart, you are contributing to all of human kind to live more loving, supportive, enjoyable, abundant lives. When you support yourself you support Love, you support all that is. When you as a vibrating appearance of molecules raise your own vibration by opening to Love, all of the Universe is effected because there is no separation.

It is not what most people are doing in their lives. Most are following what has been taught to them, to make money somehow. So it can take courage to invest in yourself, to find out what your interests are if you dont know already. It takes courage to stand by and trust your heart and what it speaks to you. You are the only one who can hear your own heart and its direction…this is why it seems scary – there is only one ‘you’ so you will not be able to follow anyone else. There will be people who have similar interests and loves though and this can be a support to you in your living your own life fully….as fully as you dare, as fully as you know in a moment. This will continue to expand and grow, this living of you, so you can make mistakes, bumble along, it’s ok. The mistakes will always be supportive even though you might take them as some sort of feedback to not follow your heart. Instead, stick with this You and all that he or she brings to the moment of this living of you. That’s the invitation: To live life fully.

Come and Be With us in Satsang where this topic will be explored and consciously committed to together, making it stronger as it is shared. Yes to You in a commited, conscious way.

For Info on the Satsang on Jan. 5th, 2013: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule

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This week’s Invitation is to look at the fact that ‘money is equal’ and to play with your relating to money accordingly.

What is meant by that: Money is Equal?

That money is simply an expression of Awareness at play in any moment of existence – exactly equal to all else that appears here in this amazing play of phenomina.

Equal to water, air, skin, dirt, sound, thought. No more, nor less than all at play in each moment.

So why does it, money, seem to be so important?
Most people are taught to give it that importance. It is innocent this teaching, as most people do not know (yet) that when they give their power away to money and their children witness this day in day out, they learn to repeat that which is modelled to them. So if you empower money as more than any other aspect of Awareness at play, you likely learned to do so through those around you…often both consciously and subconsciously. It is a collective addiction with humans. Notice that deer or moths or fish do not give a hoot about money. We humans created this form of trade and then gave it power to be a ruling force….and yet, really, it simply is energy at play as a piece of paper or a coin, or a number in a bank account.

Money is empowered as a ruling force when one makes it the reason to not follow their own heart. So often one might hear: I have to work even though I do not love how I spend the moments of my life, – I ‘have to’ for money. If one believes this, then it will continue to be true. And this belief then might feel safe as it is what one is used to, what they are comfortable with because that is what they have been experiencing. It does take some courage to not follow in the collective stream and to just see for yourself, out of curiosity, if you actually do ‘have to’ work for money.

It is just not true, you do not ‘have to’ work for money. Money can simply be a side effect from how you spend your moments. It comes and goes and has it’s own flow…the more you let it be itself, and just tend to it lightly, it takes care of itself. Lightly…this means stopping worrying about it.

When you find yourself worrying about money, stop, breathe deeply, remember that money is only an equal expression of Awareness, and look to see inside what part of you is feeling some sort of effect…the worry will be rooted in That. Relax open and feel whatever it is that is occurring. Give yourself space to simply Be With this and remember that money comes and goes. Take small steps at first, allowing yourself to play with money in a way that you might have been afraid to in the past.

When you find yourself fixated on money, notice that you are giving it your attention and take your attention back to yourself, to simply being with what is, or allow your attention to rest with ideas that feel loving to you. Imagining what it might feel like to be with more than enough money, with more than enough time to play with it….let your attention rest with these sorts of imaginings. At a minimum, you will find that in those moments of feeling peace, that life has space to support you even more in ways that you may not even imagine, and hey, you are feeling peace! Moments of allowing yourself to feel peace, however it happens, will manifest more moments of peace.

It is a love of this heart to support people beyond survival ideas that only elicit suffering. Look to the truth, that Money is equal to all that is in appearance, a play of energy showing up in the form of money…no more, no less than That. Respond accordingly to this truth and make choices towards more moments of peaceful, enjoyable living.

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In learning about our world, we are taught about ownership – this is his, this is yours, this is not yours, this is hers….this is your body, your mind, your soul. In each moment it is true, this that appears here as a body is yours in the moment, yours to Be With..only in each moment however, not beyond That. Somehow, the way this ownership has been taught, it creates a ‘ship’ or a concept that creates a ‘something’…imediately, it looks like a seperate ‘thing’.

This invitation now is to let go of the owner’ship’ of what you might think of as yours.

Look at it more closely – this body that you might think is ‘yours’: It has been given to you from the start – you did not make it appear. The growth of this body has happened without you having to make it happen. And yes, indeed, you are ‘With’ this that appears here as a body, which is not seperate from the felt sense of being alive, not seperate from the heart, you alone are ‘With’ this human system of the expression of Awareness in each moment like this.

You do not ‘own’ the body, mind, soul, spirit – these aspects of Self are simply appearing Here as this ‘you’…energy at play that you are Being Aware of. You get to tend to this apsect of Awareness at play.

It can be helpful to view this that appeared to be yours – for instance ‘your’ body – to look at it as ‘this’ body. Similarily, ‘this’ mind, the thoughts…where do the thoughts come from after all? Straight out of nothing appearing to you in a moment. When you say ‘my’ body, instantly there is something seperate. And: ‘my’ thoughts, again, as if you owned them and you do not. You simply received them, are aware of them as they come and go…therefore…more accurate to see them as ‘the’ thoughts. This can be a support in letting go of ownership where there never was any.

This body that appears here, like this. These thoughts that arise here, like this. This felt sense of energy moving in and around what appears to be a body, this Awareness that receives these words and symultaineously comprehends them…it is all a happening that ‘you’ as Awareness gets to Be With. It is a total gift, is not seperate from all else, and once relaxed into can become simply a ‘Being With’ in each moment. Letting go of owner’ship’ supports relaxing into All That Is.

Satsang Schedule:

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‘Thinking’ All Is Love..different than ‘Recognition’ of All Is Love -one like playing in a puddle, the other is Being embraced by the ocean.

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It has long been suggested that we attempt to stop suffering, to get rid of it, when suffering it self is only yet another invitation from yourself to yourself. How so?

You are being invited to explore this, not to just muse on it in the mind or agree with it because it sounds or feels true somehow to you…the invitation is to directly experience the shift that can happen when you open up to suffering instead of denying it, attempting to avoid it or attempting to stop it or change it.

The ‘suffering’ might show up in some way that you pray to God or the Universe for a change in some situation that you don’t like, or even in a frustration in not understanding some aspect of this waking up that is a potentiality for All. Any happening that you don’t like or wish to continue.

However it shows up, if you can call it ‘suffering’ in any way, open up to it. Stop whatever you might be doing and tune into what is actually occurring in the moment. Breathe long and deep a few times and see or feel what is actually going on (in what appears to be the) inside of you. Do not attempt to change what is happening!! So often, this is what people come for support with, to change their thinking or as if they could just stop the suffering – not understanding it or why it might be present. The offering here is to support an opening to ‘What Is’, directly, simply, exactly as it is – ‘Being With’ this happening as it reveals itself.

All is energy…if you are cognizant of any aspect of it, it is already with you and there is no getting away from it. There is the possibility to open to it, to be curious and let it show you its own self. Allow yourself to rest with That exactly as it is, not touching anything, just experience however the ‘suffering’ shows up in the moment.

Until you explore this and give it a go – if any happening that you might call ‘suffering’ shows up – it will only be a bunch of words on your screen. The invitation is to experience this directly for yourself.

Come to Satsang with Canela and be with us there where any and all of what is can be explored from any angle that shows up. Go to http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule to find out where and when these gatherings are happening, or one can also book a time for an Individual Satsang session by phone/skype. Support yourself to even more freedom.

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