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Depression is a happening that many people would love to see an end to when they experience it.  In this invitation, healing depression is really an invitation to meet what is happening in the moments that you are aware of that happening.

A very tricky part of dealing with depression is that it has become a ‘something’ to get rid of to fix, rather than a way that a person might feel in a moment.  Seeing this as a ‘something’ tends to make it much bigger than it actually is in any moment – makes it look like it is happening in more than a moment, and then that gets magnified and confirmed into more of a ‘something’ to get rid of and people react to it.

The reaction is usually an attempt to get away from feeling depressed; looking for something to divert oneself from what is actually occurring, to distract yourself or override it by doing something. Sometimes this can alleviate the feeling for awhile, as you divert yourself away from what you are feeling.  However, this does not address the energy itself and so it will show up again and again and may even intensify.  This is often seen as people get more and more depressed as they medicate themselves to not feel it or attempt to ‘be happy’ and do uplifting things to get rid of feeling depressed, and nothing ‘works’, of course, because the person is attempting to get away from themselves.

Depression is a happening that has occurred in my own life.  After attempting suicide when I was 15 and finding out from that attempt that I did, in fact, want to live, whenever I felt depressed after that, the idea of getting rid of myself to stop the feeling just wasn’t an option for me. If such thoughts would present themselves to me, I couldn’t take them seriously so I decided to find another way to respond when depression showed up.

When you can diagnose yourself and say:  ‘I feel depressed’, instead of looking for some way to get away from feeling that way,
1.  stop, sit down and close your eyes.
2.  breathe deeply for a few breaths.
3.  look inside of yourself to see where energy is held down – for where you feel ‘depressed’ – there will be some area of you where you can feel energy being pressed down, being de-pressed in actuality.
4.  continue to breathe, relax your body open and feel the energy that is being depressed, just feel it, do not attempt to change it.  Relax open and Be With this happening and see what happens.

This number 4 step can feel enormous.  You can support yourself to feel what is happening by remembering that this energy is already ‘in’ you, it is not being created by the space you are giving it, it is already there. This means that you are already ‘able’ to be with this – even if it feels like it will engulf you, you are already with it so go for it.  It has been held for you, like in a parcel, or gift, just waiting to be opened….this is the opening to the present, to that gift.  Trust yourself to feel what this is that is already with you.

I have worked with many many people over a 20 year span  who have experienced depression.  People who are very aware of themselves energetically, and those who haven’t been even looking at:  “How do I actually feel right now?” or looking at life as anything more than the mundane happenings.  No matter how subtly or not subtly they know how to be with themSelves, they are  always are able to find where energy feels depressed inside if they have said:  ‘I feel depressed’.  This is 100% of the people who I have coached to look to see and feel the energy that is being depressed in the moment, they find the energy.  You can too.

‘You’ are waiting for ‘you’ in the form of these energies that are being pressed down inside.  Welcome to more of yourSelf, receiving the gift of the moment.


‘You’ are waiting for ‘you’ in the form of these energies that are being pressed down inside.  Welcome to more of yourSelf, receiving the gift of the moment.


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This week’s invitation is to play around with looking at ‘no-separation’ or non-duality inclusive of practical logic.

Let’s look directly at the belief in being separate, in how it cannot be so in any logical way.

We know so much about what the world is made of now – these vibrating molecules of matter which every bit of the Universe is made of, suspended in the Nothingness.

When we look at the air that comes right up to the edge of the form of your body, or in the space between your computer screen and your eyes, we know that even though it is not a solid matter, it is still made of vibrating molecules as ‘air’. We also know that there is energy that seeps in and through our bodies, the air, the floor. We know this as fact because we can hear sounds, which move through and with the air and come into our bodies – we can feel sound in our bodies when it is loud enough, and therefore know that it actually comes ‘in’ to our body. We know that the images that are reflected in the apparent ‘outside’ of ourselves are actually ‘seen’ within the head, not even at the surface of the eye. So this energy of ‘that which is seen’ is also brought ‘into’ our system. Add to this the other senses like when you know when someone is walking behind you even though you may not see or hear them, you can ‘sense’ their presence. This sensing happens inside, or within you, not outside of yourself, so you feel/hear the information from within…meaning that something of that which appears outside of you – in this example another person walking behind you – comes into your energy system, you feel it, hear it and know that there is someone there.

What with all of this rather logical information of how energy plays like this in just a few examples here, one can really see that there is no separation, that non-duality is the truth even from a logical perspective. It is all energy interweaving with itself in its various ways of being…the way of being of air, skin, thought, sound, etc.

It has been happening like this, and will continue to happen like this – this amazing, intricate play of energies, mixing, mingling, meeting, merging…nothing at all (no thing) separate from all that is.

Come and join with us in Satsang with Canela where the space invites a relaxing open to hear and feel the energies in expression in each moment…to allow yourself to feel at One with All That Is – to experience Non-duality directly.

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