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Depression is a happening that many people would love to see an end to when they experience it.  In this invitation, healing depression is really an invitation to meet what is happening in the moments that you are aware of that happening.

A very tricky part of dealing with depression is that it has become a ‘something’ to get rid of to fix, rather than a way that a person might feel in a moment.  Seeing this as a ‘something’ tends to make it much bigger than it actually is in any moment – makes it look like it is happening in more than a moment, and then that gets magnified and confirmed into more of a ‘something’ to get rid of and people react to it.

The reaction is usually an attempt to get away from feeling depressed; looking for something to divert oneself from what is actually occurring, to distract yourself or override it by doing something. Sometimes this can alleviate the feeling for awhile, as you divert yourself away from what you are feeling.  However, this does not address the energy itself and so it will show up again and again and may even intensify.  This is often seen as people get more and more depressed as they medicate themselves to not feel it or attempt to ‘be happy’ and do uplifting things to get rid of feeling depressed, and nothing ‘works’, of course, because the person is attempting to get away from themselves.

Depression is a happening that has occurred in my own life.  After attempting suicide when I was 15 and finding out from that attempt that I did, in fact, want to live, whenever I felt depressed after that, the idea of getting rid of myself to stop the feeling just wasn’t an option for me. If such thoughts would present themselves to me, I couldn’t take them seriously so I decided to find another way to respond when depression showed up.

When you can diagnose yourself and say:  ‘I feel depressed’, instead of looking for some way to get away from feeling that way,
1.  stop, sit down and close your eyes.
2.  breathe deeply for a few breaths.
3.  look inside of yourself to see where energy is held down – for where you feel ‘depressed’ – there will be some area of you where you can feel energy being pressed down, being de-pressed in actuality.
4.  continue to breathe, relax your body open and feel the energy that is being depressed, just feel it, do not attempt to change it.  Relax open and Be With this happening and see what happens.

This number 4 step can feel enormous.  You can support yourself to feel what is happening by remembering that this energy is already ‘in’ you, it is not being created by the space you are giving it, it is already there. This means that you are already ‘able’ to be with this – even if it feels like it will engulf you, you are already with it so go for it.  It has been held for you, like in a parcel, or gift, just waiting to be opened….this is the opening to the present, to that gift.  Trust yourself to feel what this is that is already with you.

I have worked with many many people over a 20 year span  who have experienced depression.  People who are very aware of themselves energetically, and those who haven’t been even looking at:  “How do I actually feel right now?” or looking at life as anything more than the mundane happenings.  No matter how subtly or not subtly they know how to be with themSelves, they are  always are able to find where energy feels depressed inside if they have said:  ‘I feel depressed’.  This is 100% of the people who I have coached to look to see and feel the energy that is being depressed in the moment, they find the energy.  You can too.

‘You’ are waiting for ‘you’ in the form of these energies that are being pressed down inside.  Welcome to more of yourSelf, receiving the gift of the moment.


‘You’ are waiting for ‘you’ in the form of these energies that are being pressed down inside.  Welcome to more of yourSelf, receiving the gift of the moment.


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Love is not a commodity, not a happening that you ‘earn’.  It is an experience of life in the moment which already includes Love.  Relax open to That….Love is Here.

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This was written in response to a question a person asked via email:  What do you mean by ‘Unfolding to yourSelf”?
Unfolding to yourSelf.
Awareness is always expanding and exposing itSelf to itSelf… Consciousness is revealing itSelf to itSelf in each moment.  That is the happening called life.  So as you expand, more of you will be revealed – expansion is happening with all that is at play here in each moment, it is not something that you ‘do’ AND you can go along with it… I call this the unfolding of yourself to yourself.  You, as Awareness, expand (unfold so to speak) revealing more of what is – both as a person inclusive of all held energies (gifts that you get to receive consciously as they release), as well as the energetics of what appears here as a ‘you’.
2002-12-08 12.00.00-15

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The Question:

“Since years (for most of those) some heavy emotions – such as anger, sadness, depression, anxiety,…- linked in relation with members of my family, are dwelling in me, creating in me a very obscure view of reality. Trying to take care of those and get free from them, I tried many things. Just to name a few, denying them, distracting myself or using positive thinking or suggestion only leaves me with the feeling of betraying myself or putting some stuff over “what’s there”, just pushing it further in me. Rationalizing or opening to the view of the others has helped a bit in broadening my view, but still, these emotions are staying there in my field, living through my thoughts, words or acts. Talking to the persons concerned, as tried, left me with the feeling that in most cases, this is something impossible and I then need to take care of it alone on my side.

I’d so much like to let go of these, “knowing” at some level that this is just scenarios, just the dream I built, and that my soul would have chosen these parents and family as the best soil for me to learn what I need to learn. Still, once again, “knowing” this doesn’t make these energies disappear and that’s some big things in which I feel stuck, without knowing how to manage them.
What I really want is to see the Truth through them (once again, I see enlightenment as the only real cure to this!). So these last days, I stayed alone, making my best to face this and feel them in my body. I know they are in my field, but I couldn’t locate (feel) them in my body. Just some scenarios often coming back on spinning in my head and that’s it, while I was, as usually, going back to the sensations in my body. Then, how can I manage those (to let them go, if that is what has to be)?”
S.C., Montreal, Quebec Canada

The Response:

Dear S.C.,
Thank you for your question.
Firstly, I feel to applaud your willingness to ‘hear’ what is really going on with all of this as well as your explorations up until now!  And, as you can see, Love will not desert you until the Truth of what is being invited is known or met – Love is with you in your curiosity and pursuit of the Truth of what this is all about.  So beautiful….

I like and agree with what you point to:  that your parents and family are the best soil for you to learn what you need to learn….why else would Consciousness arrange you to be born into this particular family with these particular parents?

Life is so beautifully and intrecately woven – a fabric made of one moment leading into the next with the weaver being Love itself.

All of what is occurring has its place in the Universe, in each moment, if it is Here.  The way we can know this is that it exists – obviously it has its place as it could not show up if not – it actually takes up the space (its part of the absolute) in the moment of its appearance as itself.  Yes, even Self that shows up as anger, sadness, depression and anxiety…they are equally part of the fabric of the moment if they show up, if they appear.

Love is calling, getting our attention if anger shows up…something matters to you if anger shows up.  (I will just use ‘anger’ as the example to respond for now).

Often what happens when the energy of ‘anger’ shows up, is our focus goes to the details of whatever gave rise to the anger, rather than allowing the focus to be curious about the energy of anger itself.

You share that you have felt the sensations as they rise, yet I am guessing that you have not done so with complete surrender yet.  This means that there can be no goal to feeling the sensations/energies – as if you will ‘get rid’ of them by feeling them.

Any little bit of an attempt to ‘get rid’ of any bit of what appears in the moment will keep it here as that push away (the attempt to get rid of it) is the exact energy that it will push back and continue to be here…with the side effect being the spinning thoughts about the scenarios.

Love will not desert you, it will not let go or disappear until you receive the Love of That.

This is very literal, in this case:  Love expressing itSelf as anger because something matters to your heart.  Anger would not show up otherwise.  It is handy to know this so you can look to see what it is that is ‘mattering’ to you in the moment that anger rises.

To do this, you do not need to actually be with your family members that happen to trigger anger alive in you, you can simply remember any time that this has occurred in what looks like ‘the past’ and the anger will show up.  You can consciously call on it to become present by using the mind to remember what happened in the apparent past when anger rose.  The details will appear freshly in the moment that you call them alive…that you invite them into the moment by thinking of them.  In this way we can make use of the mind.

Then (breathing deeply throughout) look to see what matters about the scenario to you, look to your heart for this.  This may come in layers, keep going until you feel totally satisfied that you have found out what matters to you about these details, then open to that – open to your own heart and feel the energy, perhaps pain or hurt, that might be there around these details.  Lay yourSelf down With these energies, give up attempting to change or get rid of them and instead feel them, exactly as they are – surrender to That (the expression of the energy might be anywhere in what appears as the body, not necessarily just the heart area).

You will only know if the surrender is complete, by bringing up the original scenario that enticed anger alive and see what happens.  If more anger, then follow that where it will lead you inside of yourself, keep with this process until Love is exposed… the energy will transform itself.

In this way you will find out, as a side effect, what Love has been attempting to share with you – the gift of the moment.

Thank you S.C. for asking this question, both for yourself and I imagine that many people who receive this Satsang Invitation will resonate with this.

With Love,

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This email is being sent to you from Avalon, Bowen Island, BC, Canada
Satsang Invitation
Your feedback and responses are welcome!

Today’s Satsang Invitation invites you to be newly with yourSelf – Newly You. The fact that you are new in each moment, just like a snowflake, doesnt matter much as that is how it has been and always will be. What does matter is whether you recognize this newness…in you, with you, all around this appearance as it is – this universe.

Since all is a play of energy, it is always moving, vibrating fast enough to make an appearance of solidness, as if you are solid. It’s this rapid movement of the atoms that creates this appearance. So we know that what we perceive is not solid but only appears this way in each moment.

In this constant movement, nothing remains the same…the hair is growing, or there are flakes of skin that are drying and being replaced by new skin in the case of baldness (how inclusive hey?!…lol…) the food is digesting, the blood is moving through out the system carrying the nutrients from the food. The whole mechanism is meeting each moment with the meeting of these atoms as they journey along, the domino effect, one bit changing the next bit, flowing. What a play…Awareness at play, with all of this. Where does it begin? Where does it end? It keeps on playing.

It is true that this is only a wee bit of the vastness at play that I am pointing to: hair growing, skin renewing, nutrients being received, and disbursed…change is happening. When looking at this small bit of the play, is it easier to see (when looked at as a flowing of energies) that it all moves together? That there is no separation within the play of it all?

You are new in each moment, and then new again in the next moment. Understanding that you cannot be stagnant, that even though there might be plays of Awareness (plays of Love in expression) that are uncomfortable, that it will change. Even though aspects of what appears here seem to be the same, they are not…look again, look for the newness. This can support a wonderful freedom as who could know how you are supposed to be?…You are new! Any idea of how you are life is supposed to be can be dropped…what a freedom.

Allow yourself more space for this newness of you, the newness of your heart and what That speaks to you, the newness of perception – how you perceive is also changing even though it may appear to not be. This is the same for everyone, so no need to stand by any judgements of yourself or others as if they will not change. You remembering the fact that change is happening, supports letting go of any judgement, gives more space, and therefore supports the flow of What Is…flow happens more easily, and because you are not separate (‘you’ are part of this flow) you feel more at ease too.

When you have felt stuck or trapped in some scenario, the reality is that there is newness that is happening. As soon as you look for this newness, this gives space for more newness, more space for you to relax with the flow of All.

Relax open and enjoy this new you, get to know yourself as the newness of That and this space will support expansion in all directions – without a push to change, change happens naturally with ease when you give yourself space and respond newly, freshly however you do. Start new again and again…as you are…go with That. Out of nothing this you continues to play here, this way and that way, however that is…it is a new play of you, a new play of Love.


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4. Including the info again in case you didn’t get a chance to listen to the interview of Canela Michelle by Jerry Katz on Nonduality Talk Radio. There are quite a few pointers within that interview as well as the felt sense of Satsang. You can listen to that here: https://soundcloud.com/tags/canela%20michelle%20meyers

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Sent to you with Love from Avalon, Bowen Island, BC, Canada

Love is at the root of all of That which is occurring in each moment…no matter what it looks like!

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This month’s Satsang Invitation is to look at ‘Blaming Love’. This topic has been chosen as Burma Cassidy (included with permission) responded to last month’s Satsang Invitation with:

“The concept that ‘Love’ is intentional doing something feels a bit off centre to me and misleading. Why do you even have to say this? “Oh I feel yucky, it’s just ‘Love’ showing me I need to go inside”. Could this again be another form of blame?”

Yes Love is indeed intentional – this is the expansion of What Is. Love is continually attempting to invite harmony – inviting us in each moment to That. When harmony is found, expansion happens – over and over again.

The invitation of this email is to ‘blame love’. When a person does, they will find that there is nothing to be angry about as how can one be angry with love itself?

If ‘yucky’ is happening, then yes, love is inviting to feel the ‘yucky’ – not to attempt to get away from it or change it. Love is inviting us to open to That. If all is perceived as love, then it is simply easer to open to whatever is happening.

This is my direct finding in each moment, being committed to love itself – lead by That. Love is what is heard, seen, felt in each and every moment. Love is All That Is.

Recognition of the nothingness, that there is no-body, yes… and still the manifestation of a person continues to play itself out in each moment. This is true. How best to be with this play of Self? By recognizing that it is Love at play and to go with it all. I have found this to be the easiest and most loving way to experience life.

Yes, please do blame love – love is attempting to get our attention solely to invite each one more deeply and more deeply and more deeply into Love…fall in Love with That…Love calls us in each moment.


1. The Satsang events in Mexico City were deep and delicious – many amazing people sharing their beauty of Being. Much gratitude to Marco, Ana and Shanti for sharing their home and hosting Satsang there!

2. Thank you to Lisa Versace and her friend Laura for hosting Satsang here in Manzanillo and to Mary Versace for connecting Lisa with Canela.

3. Check out the website for the dates, times, and information for Transformational Satsang with Canela in North Vancouver, Prague, Brighton, and Calgary. Also you can find out about the post Paradoxica Nondual Conference event – Satsang co-facilitated with Canela and Gary Tzu in Lethbridge, Alberta. http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule

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Sent to you with Love from Manzanillo

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This month’s Satsang Invitation is to look at the impossibility of ‘Blame’.

Whenever you find yourself blaming someone else for how you feel, it is always an avoidance of being with ‘what is’. Blame will say this is your fault, when it is always Love’s fault when you are disturbed in any way. Love intentionally does this to get your attention so that you might focus on the disturbance inwardly, feel that, and gain the gift of the moment – whatever that will end up being.

It is such a huge ‘no’ to existence to say – I can’t live the life I would like because of my parents or how I was raised or some sort of turmoil that happened in your life. Believing in blame keeps you in avoidance of reality. It is a diversion to sitting with the truth of what is. Once a happening has happened, let go of the why it occurred (where blame arises), and be with the actually of the occurrence. Does this make some sense to you? ~ If you are blaming someone for how life is or your unhappiness or discomfort, you are not sitting with the unhappiness, discomfort of factuality of life as it is in the moment.

Another way to look at it is to look at whoever it is that you are blaming for the situation. If you really get to know why it was that they did what they did, it would be because of whatever happened prior to them doing it. In other words, the ‘blame’ will keep going back as long as one keeps looking at it. If a the person blamed is a perpetrator, one will find another perpetrator in their past who trespassed against them, and so on and so on. It will always be understandable if one explores how the happenings came to be. So in this way, who is it really that is to blame?

Blaming yourself doesn’t work either as you cannot go back in time and be different than you were…in innocence you didn’t know what was going to happen (in fact no one knows, all are innocent) so blaming yourself for happenings doesn’t work as you were innocent, you didn’t know.

Going to a lofty place of being the creator of your Universe doesn’t work either as there is no ‘you’ to blame in that. So what does one do, blame the Universe/God/Goddess/Life etc?

The invitation in this email is to only use the appearance of blame (when it shows up) to sit with the felt sense of what is actually happening in that moment. Knowing that there is no one to blame, that the happening happened and there is nothing you can change about it, can be a support to you to feel the experience…to simply Be With That.


1. Canela is very happy to share that she is headed to Mexico City to Be With everyone there from Feb. 18th until Feb. 26th. For details to join us in Satsang: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule

2. Thank you to Pam Ball, Patty Talasy, and Ginny Ruiz for hosting Satsang with Canela on various dates in Manzanillo!!

3. Canela will be speaking again this year at the Mujeras Amigas Luncheon on March 5th at Oasis in Manzanillo….the topic will be: Contentment

3. The new dates in Prague are: May 22nd to May 28th at Maitrea, and the new dates for Brighton, England are: May 30th to June 4th. To see what’s happening on each day in these cities check out the website here: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule

3. Watch for the new articles in the The Paradoxica Journal of Nondual Psychology coming up at the end of March – I will post a link when they are up on the Paradoxica website. And do register for this year’s Conference, which now includes (along with Canela) Isaac Shapiro & Meike Schuett and also Pamela Wilson, along with the other amazing presenters including Gary Tzu (used to be Gary Nixon) many people have mentioned making the trip to Lethbridge this year to experience That 🙂 . Satsang will be held on June 14th Being facilitated by Canela Michelle and Gary Tzu.
Go here for info and to register for the Conference and/or Satsang: http://www.paradoxica.ca
And of course here on the website: http://www.canelamichelle.com/schedule

4. Individual Satsang, and Couple Satsang sessions by phone or Skype (Canela calls you if by phone) are available. Contact Canela to book a session or for any questions about this Newsletter & Satsang Invitation at this email address: canelamichelle@gmail.com Check out the feedback from others who have tasted this flavor of support here: http://www.canelamichelle.com/letters-feedback

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